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Welcome to Dirty Dishes and Dessert! My name is Kandie Hudson, I’m 28 years old, and I live in Austin, Texas with my husband, and two boys. The title of my blog is reflective of the two things that always top my To Do list. I love to cook, so I constantly have a recipe or an idea buzzing around my head that I can’t shake until I’ve tried out. Unfortunately, having a mess-making family means I usually have to wash dishes and clean up the kitchen before I start any cooking projects. 

I’ll be sharing recipes that my picky kids actually like. You won’t come across any whole grain pasta, zucchini, or kale. Things like that just don’t go over well here. Everything that I share is something that I’ve actually made, and deemed edible and enjoyable. 

You won’t need any expensive or exotic ingredients. My recipes match my grocery budget–they are simple and cheap! You also won’t need any experience. I use to create some amazing dishes—amazingly bad, that is. I could never cook chicken without completely drying it out—wait, actually that’s still an issue. Anyhow, my mother was no Julia Child. Dinner usually came out of a box, or a can, or both. So I’ll be sharing the time/effort saving tips that I’ve learned.

My Family

My husband and I have been married since 2006. He has a knack for complaining, but I still love him anyway—go figure. Our boys are 2 and 4. They enjoy jelly beans, cartoons, and seeing exactly how far they can push mommy before she goes psycho (not far, they are talented).

Contact Me

If you ever have a question or need help with a cooking emergency, you can reach me at DirtyDishesAndDessert@gmail.com. I look forward to amassing a following of minions getting to know you!

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