Thursday, October 11, 2012

Pinterest Fails

In the wise words of Filmore: "They're feeding us a bunch of lies, man!"

Pinterest. Have you ever pined something, then tried it for yourself and actually had it work out? Yeah, me neither. I set out to try some new recipes, hoping to be able to share them with you. Well, turns out I will be sharing them, but I'm also throwing in a warning--don't waste your time!

First things first. Dried strawberries. I'm sure you've seen the pin. Its a beautiful picture. It says something about drying them for 4 hours, they turn out 'like candy.' Yeah. Right. What kind of candy do you eat? 'Cause the kind I like actually tastes good...

Here's how the dried strawberries went down. Started with an average box of strawberries--they weren't the best, but they were totally edible. Wash and hull

Cook on low heat for a couple hours

After 2 hours

After 2 more hours

I tasted one. I realized I had made a huge mistake--but carry on, I shall. 2 more hours

Wow, they are still nasty. Let's give 'em 2 more hours


Surprise surprise, still gross. 2 more hours

Wow. These are really terrible 

Don't try it yourself. Someone is clearly lying. (its not me).

Here's my next Pinterest fail: Cheese crackers. Pinners say they taste like Cheez-its. Lies.

I carefully assembled my ingredients, processed the dough

let it chill, then rolled it out

Cut the cheese (crackers)

And since I was in such a good mood (this was before the strawberries were clearly a failure) I even let the kids have a go at it

What can I say...they suck. Anyhow, we baked them  up, and here are the results

They turned out quite fluffy

Like bread, cheesy bread

Not, I repeat, Not like a cheese cracker.

Overall they weren't that bad. They just weren't good. I won't make them again, and I urge you not to try.

Thanks Pinterest. Thanks.

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