Saturday, October 6, 2012

French Fries

Homemade french fries. I don't really have any back story for this post. I just had a hankerin' for some fries, so I made some..'cause that's how I roll.

Potatoes, wash them up

Slice off the bottom so they stand up 

Now use that dusty fry/apple cutter that you bought when you got married but have never really used since

Soak the potatoes in some cold water--I ended up forgetting these in the fridge for a day or two...hey, life happens--soaking draws out some starch, making the fries more crispy

Dry off your fries,  heat up the oil, and drop them in carefully

Foam? That's never happened before. Did you dry them off like I told you to? Didn't think so...

Don't be impatient like me...dry them off! When the foam goes away it means the fries are just about done

Drain on some paper towels

Hankering satisfied.

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